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This Season's Range

Spring here we come! ... Check out what's new at CMD - our new range is now in store and summer highlights are landing here soon!  Just a few to look out for ... Our new fabric print - 'Chrysanthamum' in the CMD with Kate Hudson print maker collaboration; new Liberty Arts fabric print- "Felix", and our gorgeous new handmade in Melbourne scarves and cushions, as well as retro style bags, new day totes and more!

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The Aboriginal Artists Project

The Art of Australian women going places!
Aboriginal Art Inspires Vibrant Luggage into 2014/15!
CMD is working with celebrated Aboriginal artists Amy (Jirwullurr) Johnson, Evelyn Pultara, Maureen (Marrqangulu) Thompson, Dianne (Nyuniwa) Robinson and our new artist for summer 2013, Gwyneth Blitner. Working together, the project has created an extraordinarily colourful collector art piece luggage and fashion accessories range; no two pieces are exactly the same. The range, which began in 2007, has expanded, each season since, and with a variety of new designs and products.
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The aim to create an indigenous artist range and bring it to the Australian fashion world, has grown into a project that shows how business, art and fashion can combine, to assist in the appreciation and support of art. The project is able to provide an extra income source, without, importantly, the artist’s needing to leave their communities, and continues to provide an inspiring and positive purchase despite challenging economic times.

The artists have had paintings shown at various major Australian art galleries including the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the National Gallery of Victoria and The Museum and Art gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, and are held by major private collections around the world including The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth. They have also appeared in major group shows as far away as London and Milan, and all the artists even have their own fantastic luggage sets! Catherine Manuell Design has established a licensing agreement with the four artists, Maureen, Amy and Gwyneth from Ngukurr, in East Arhnem land, Dianne from Indulkana and Evelyn from the Utopia region in Central Australia. As a result, the artists directly benefit from the production of every item made. This continues to be an ongoing royalty for the artists while the product stays in production.



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Catherine Manuell Design is a twelve-year-old company. CMD now employs more than 15 staff, and has more than 100 different designs in its range each season.